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Ladies Session Saalbach 2012

Round 2! Last Year it was a super nice Weekend with the Ladies, lot of laugh, fun, riding,… just endless 🙂 Really looking forward for the upcoming Ladies Session in … Weiterlesen

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Seize the TIME

little Project in the Offseason I made with Mike la Corte. Was super fun!!! Thanks for it : ) watch the Video here…

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EL FARO the movie from La Palma/Canary Islands

Finally the Movie, Making of and Interview Video is finished! Last Year Tobi Woggon and I filmed together with the Guys from VG Mediastudio Philip Ruopp and Oliver Henke. 7 … Weiterlesen

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FMBA Judge

Last year I had the opportunity to judge at the Dakine Airstrike in Saalbach. This is an FMB Silver Event. Tibor Simai was the reason for getting involved as he … Weiterlesen

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Fulda Challenge 2012 Yukon/CANADA

words from HANS JOST Angie successful in Yukon The „Gailtaler“ Bike-Pro Angie Hohenwarter participated in the 2012 Fulda Challenge, which took place for the 12th time in Yukon, the Canadian … Weiterlesen

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FULDA Challenge 2012

The annual Fulda Challenge will take place between the 12th and 19th of Januar in Yukon/Canada. With temperatures down to 40° below zero, participants from all over the world will … Weiterlesen

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Trailmasterchallenge Neukirchen/Austria

One of the greatest Event I´ve visited this year was de Trailmaster 2011 from Rob J together with Tom Bause we put a little Story together for Pinkbike, thanks Ian … Weiterlesen

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From cranberry juice to bears and back to 108 kids…

Photochallenge in Åre / Crankworx in Whistler / Youth Camp in Leogang Åre – Sweden / Whistler – Canada / Leogang – Austria — As I got a phone call … Weiterlesen

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Weeks of Action, Action, Action!

Can´t believe that it’s already the end of June! Right after I came back from the last race in Italy I did some preparations for my new car. Here it … Weiterlesen

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RACE – Last weekend of May I visited the Bike Festival in Riva del Garda, Italy. Every year at this event they hold a Night Sprint, it´s a flat 4x … Weiterlesen

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Giants, Vixa, Project, work & race

Since I’m back home from my La Palma Trip the time is running so fast by… Here is a update  of what happend the last few weeks. Got my new … Weiterlesen

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Ladies Freeride Session…

… at the Bikedays this year!!! It´s great that Indiansummer is organzing a 2nd Edition of the Ladies Freeride Session after the Testival in Churwalden. We planned 2 Sessions together, … Weiterlesen

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… Interview! Last Summer at Crankworx I met an amazing Photographer IAN HYLANDS and I had the big pleasure to shot with him! So we talked, shot a bit and … Weiterlesen

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For the Ladies!!!!

This summer gonna be HOT! – Not only that my favorite Clothing Sponsor MALOJA is delivering the new Alp Appeal Collection (check HERE the new Collection) into the Shop´s also … Weiterlesen

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Stars, Stripes & Mountainbikes…

… in the MTB Rider Magazine March 2011!!! 31 days of action, yoga, bears, suhsi, shopping, party, sightseeing & of course endless riding through Canada/USA written down on a 8 … Weiterlesen

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… I am speechless & happy ! The Season just started and I got great news for you : ) I want to thank: –Daniel Roos ( ) it … Weiterlesen

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I’m finally back! Sorry for the few updates last year, but there have been some major changes for me in 2010 and now I can start with full speed into … Weiterlesen

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International Meeting & Worldcup Maribor

2 weeks after the disappointing start to the season in Belgium, we went on to Maribor / SLO to the next World Cup race. The time between those two race … Weiterlesen

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First race of the Season…

I’m really glad that the winter is over, really thrilled that the new season is on their way. I packed my new bike an all my brand new equipment and … Weiterlesen

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Sorry for the lack of updates during the last couple of months, here is a short summary of what went on in that time: The Winter wasn’t that good, sure … Weiterlesen

Happy X-Mas!!!

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After all the crashes, the shoulder injury and a weeklong rehab (which is still an ongoing process), the year finally ends- on a high note. A few days ago we … Weiterlesen

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Back on the bike again…

It’s been a little while, since my crash in September, that I was riding on a bike – except on the ergometer of course – 2 months, 1 week and 1 … Weiterlesen

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Off season…

… long time ago since my last blog entry. Now I´m back in Carinthia earn money for the upcoming season. But also meet my friends that I haven´t seen for … Weiterlesen

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… film. It´s now more then 3 years ago that some young guys called us Petz (Petra Bernhard) and me to take part in their movie. Special thing was they … Weiterlesen

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I´m proud to announce that…

… … …will be sponsoring me for the 2010 season! Maybe some of you never heard of Maloja before, but that will change very soon ;o) Maloja is a high … Weiterlesen

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…is the Swiss based importer for NORCO Bikes. Fritz, Matze and Randy are really nice guys which we met during the Eurobike. It was great to see them again and … Weiterlesen

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The World Cup weekend in Schladming…

… is over and so is the Season. It was great to watch the finals, meet some friends and sponsors to talk to them. I was just having a good … Weiterlesen

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Injury Update…

… since my crash on 5th September my shoulder is getting better and better. I broke my collarbone right before my shoulder, not like the „typical“ collarbone fracture, with an  … Weiterlesen

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MTB Freeride TV

Happy to say that I´m the second Blogger Girl at the MTB Freeride Website! Big thanks to Domenico & Crew! That will be a lot of fun ;o), if … Weiterlesen

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Eurobike 2009…

…is over and I had a great time there met friends & Sponsors, hand out my press map them and got some nice deals for next season, I will let … Weiterlesen

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season over….

well what can I say …  yesterday in the 4x training on the eurobike track I crashed pretty bad on my shoulder… went to hospital thought maybe it isn´t that … Weiterlesen

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Go for Downhill…

… this time we packed our freeride bikes in the car instead of our 4x Hardtails and drove to  Hirten a.d.Alz/GER. It´s only 1 hour drive from our home, so … Weiterlesen

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Training, arrangements for Eurobike!

The last 2 Weekends flo&me have been to Schladming trained, on the new 4x track, for the Worldcup Finals (from 17th – 20th September). The Track is a lot of … Weiterlesen

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my page is online!

Hi all! Finally my homepage is online!!!! Big thanks to Axl! Stay tuned for updates, pictures,… never get borring here ;o) See you! Bye Angie

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