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Training, arrangements for Eurobike!


The last 2 Weekends flo&me have been to Schladming trained, on the new 4x track, for the Worldcup Finals (from 17th – 20th September).

4track schladmingangie&floangieangie flat berm

The Track is a lot of fun, the start is now further on the top when you look up the slope on the right side. The start straight will be a „killer“,  pretty short an a long left berm with a lot of loose gravel, step down, corner jump into a flat berm, small washboard into left open berm over wood logs, big right berm then cross the slope, grassy slalom then choose pro line (2big doubles) or easier line (2 tables, 1 double) and disembogue into the last year track left berm at the house and easy down to finish.

They make some nice changes and I think there will be a lot of battles down the track, good for the crowd, but hopefully no big crashes. Thanks Maxi Dickerhoff for the Pictures!

Between the training we stayed at Maria Ulrichs House thank you so much! It was a lot of fun to hang out with the family!!


Well Eurobike is getting closer and closer my Pressmaps ready! Hope to get some good deals ;o) By the way I made Flo´s pressmaps too it was a lot of work but it worth it.

angie mapsflo cover

Big thanks to AXL and his Team they did a great job! If you need homepages, prints,.. go to they can help you out!

Stay tuned for upcoming news!


Ein Kommentar zu “Training, arrangements for Eurobike!

  1. Bill Bartmann
    2. September 2009

    Great site…keep up the good work.

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