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Go for Downhill…

… this time we packed our freeride bikes in the car instead of our 4x Hardtails and drove to  Hirten a.d.Alz/GER.

It´s only 1 hour drive from our home, so pretty close and located in the near of Burghausen, Altötting, Tacherting.

Wolly and Tamara from Schladming met us on the way and drove with us to the very unknown Hirten. When we arrived there first we had to pick up our numbers at a friends house near the track, was funny normally at the races there is always a big Ez Up tent where you get your number, but i like it was a relaxed atmosphere.

empire 5, number

angie, wolly, tamara, flo

The track was really funny an a mixture of drops, narrow single trail,  jumps, grassland, open berms,.. and so fast. Before midday it rained a bit so that makes it very difficult to ride down because the underground was so slippery.

They made 2 runs and the best one counts. But the best was they had no timekeeping instead of this they took a walkie talkie and a stop watch but it worked! So cool! In my first run i crashed twice… one time in the tree and again over the berm.. sucks but hey still one run to go. Flo also crashed in his first run and was on the 3rd position. Tamara felt good on the top but then crashed at the lower part and twist her knee a bit… she was o.k. but it hurts bad and decided not to compete at the 2nd run. But next time she will do better for sure ;o)


Before the second run it dried up and the sun came out, 29 riders hiked up the last time to do her final run. I start one number behind flo and he killed it down the first part what i saw and a knew he want´s to be on the top so bad. My aim was not to crash again and ride down fast and it worked! I made it down with no crash and 20seconds faster then in my first run (1:20:0?)! With 1:00:90 I won in the Womens Categorie by 15 sec. (2nd Steffi, 3rd Tamara). Flo was so crazy he was pedalling so hard and was the fastest of the day with 0:48:5?!! 2 seconds in front of the second place. Wolly also rode really good and on his „offical Downhill Race“ he was on the 16th place!

podium angiepodium floall riders

So it was a really succesfull weekend for us! Thank you guys from the RSV Garching & Crew for the great race we had a good time there and hope to see you again in 2010!

On the way back home we decided to stop by at the SYNTACE HQ. They were really busy to get things done for the eurobike but it was nice to see „non-stop working Dennis“  and talk to him. Flo was also happy to met his „old“ co-workers. The 2010 products looks really great, take a look on their booth on the eurobike FG – B9/3, can´t wait to get the new stuff ;o) Dennis hooked us up with some new white grips! Thank you!

syntace whitegrip

So I have to pack my stuff and drive to the Eurobike, tomorrow is the Demoday in Ratzenried!

See you, bye


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