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Eurobike 2009…

…is over and I had a great time there met friends & Sponsors, hand out my press map them and got some nice deals for next season, I will let you know more when it´s official ;o)

Packed my stuff on Monday and drove all the way down to Friedrichshafen on my own, so pretty borring. First day met the Norco Crew and had a nice dinner in Tettnang.

demoday boothdinner

The next day woke up pretty early, took a shower, pack the candians in the van and drove to Ratzenried where the Demoday took place. It was my first time there and I didn´t know what to expect. The Customers had the chance to take a new 2010 Norco Ride and test them on different tracks. I liked the idea because normally you only can see the new bikes on the Eurobike and have no chance to ride them. It was a succesfull day for Norco, got a lot of positive Feedback and all bikes went back.

demodaydemodaydemoday fixie

Demoday Skip and LoganDemoday jan

Flo arrived this time by train late at night in friedrichshafen because he had to work on Tuesday. Went for dinner with Andi from Indian Summer and then drove to our accommodation witch is only 5 min. by feet away from the Eurobike.

1st Eurobike day!

We were really exciting to see the new products and the Booths of our Sponsors.

I like the line of Norco 2010 Bikes a lot, the design of the bikes looks hot and the price range is great for the customers. But we already had the chance to see them all in Vancouver at the Product Launch ;o) Check out the new Website!!! I love my Bike!

Norconorconorco dhnorco

The first time that we met Norco Factory team Rider Mislav Mironović from Croatia. He is a nice guy and have some good skills check out his video Thank you for the Pics!

Mislav, Flo, Angie

Next to the Norco Booth there where the TSG Booth, the first time that Ruedi & Nadja took her child “Kira” to the Eurobike I think it was really exciting for her. The new Product looks amazing! Love the new designs, Colours, protection,… nice new stuff! So grab a 2010 catalog and take a look! It´s an honor for me to be in there thank you Ruedi & Korbi. In the next weeks they also will have a new website stay tuned


TSGTSG Cata.ruedi & kira

Kullitsch from Schwalbe had a bit time and took us on the 2nd floor of their booth, good view from there. He also got some Press maps from us and we are so happy to have a sponsor like this and continue with them in 2010. Schwalbe not only make awesome tyres they are also known by there unique give aways, this time we got a gingerbread with „allgrounder logo“ on it great idea!

Michi put a lot of effort to make this nice Homepage for the Schwalbe Team Riders called all the news from the teams and riders will be written down on this page!

Schwalbe 2nd floorflo & kullitschSchwalbe Gingerbread

On the outdoor area we went to the Oakley Booth it was made out of Wood and had 2 floors. The new Clothes are more colourfull, lots of new sunglasses and also they have an TSG Helmet with Oakley Design very nice “special” for 2010! Good to see Leander and talk with him and got a new sweet sunglass „Restless“ and goggle ;o) thank you!

oakley boothTSG Oakley design helmet 2010oakley goggles

oakley 2nd flooroakley glasses

Next stop was the WTB Booth that is our new Sponsor since 2009, met the first time Petr Ladman he is so nice and showed us the new Products for 2010 and the catalog where I am in! ;o) so cool! Check out the new Homepage!

wtbWTB 2010

Marzocchi they had few troubles over the last 2 years but what I saw impressed me and i´m sure they will step up higher in 2010 with their new products they are much better! So can´t wait to ride the new stuff!


We saw the Syntace booth 1 week before the Eurobike at their HQ, this time we looked a bit closer. They made some sick new handlebars! With 800mm wide! Also the carbon version will be available in 740mm lengh. That is a big step up and I love their Products, never had any trouble with them.

syntace boothsyntace handlebarssyntace 800mm

All the days where really exciting and I think next year gonna be really crazy for us ;o) The worst day for me was the Sunday where I crashed hard on my shoulder, you can read it one article before…

But Flo had a good day he qualified 1st at the 4x. The Track was like last year only few changes on the startstraight still a lot of pedalling. He was a bit excausted driving me back from the hospital, training, qualification,… but Flo easy reached the finals but then had a bad start and the other guy next to him crashed so he had to break and didn´t catch back the other 2 guys in front of him. So 3rd place and 300 euros for him, good job honey ;o)

eurobike 4x trackeurobike 4x trackflo at norco booth

Here are some random pics

Lupo Evil BikesMaze Indian Summer, Karsten Norco GermanyFlo & MislavNils from Cosmic Sports chilling

ruedi & oakley guysEurobike Newspaper ;o)flo with Mark from TSG SwitzerlandSam Piglrims bike in the morningflo at the oakley booth

That was the Eurobike

more than 39.152 trade visitors – a six percent increase – an additional 21.000 bicycle enthusiasts on Open House Day – 1.556 journalists from 36 countries

Busy but funny see you again in 1 year!



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