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Injury Update…

… since my crash on 5th September my shoulder is getting better and better.

I broke my collarbone right before my shoulder, not like the „typical“ collarbone fracture, with an  ligament rupture too. But the operation went good, on the day after the crash, they lock into position with 2 wires and add an special wire sling. Everday it is going better and better and I don´t have a lot of pain. Today I had an Xray check and everthing is good and heals well. Now I´m wearing a shoulder bandage for the next 2 weekes and after that 4 more weeks of physiotherapy and built up my muscles. Hopefully then I can train again for 2010!

broken collarbonebefore, after collarbone after surgery

This weekend the Worldcup Finals in Schladming take place I will be there for watching and cheer for Flo. And of course meet friends talk with them and have a lot of fun. This is for sure much better then to sit at home and wait till my Injury heal…


See you there!



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