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The World Cup weekend in Schladming…

… is over and so is the Season. It was great to watch the finals, meet some friends and sponsors to talk to them. I was just having a good time and got a lot of motivation for the upcoming 2010 season. Here some impressions… thanks had a great time!

Schwalbe booth Michi Kull, Joost Wichman Paul mechanic from Fion Griffiths Peda and his girl ;o)

Claudio the rocker and Emilie Ms Racing Chili and Maria German crew

Schääääfer Philip and Michi Damien & Patrick having a beer Maxi & Steffi

coco & me Swiss guys Patrick & Flo Michi and Menno from Rockstar Holland

me & steffi Rockstar table ;o) Gery in the morning after the party Potatoe man lost his potatoes...

Anita is ready for the DH Race Lupo and Maria Tamara

It is tough when you want to compete but you can’t cause your injured, so I was forced to watch the race from the stands… but for Flo it was even more frustrating. The weeks prior to Schladming, he was working his butt off and felt really good for the upcoming race. 

He took a very high risk in the qualification in order to have a better starting position for the final heats. He had a great run and was aiming for a Top-15 spot, until he crashed at the second to last berm. Cause of the crash he lost probably 5-10 seconds and wasn’t able to qualify.

Flo warm up Flo in training

Understandably, he was pretty down cause he was putting so much work and effort into this particular weekend… it was so disappointing for him, he stated it felt like somebody took a beating on him. But I know that he will take this disappointment and come back much stronger next year!

4x track pic by Manü Cherlias

Besides not taking part in the 4X event, the finals where awesome! Jared Graves, who already had an awesome season so far – world champ, winner of the overall World Cup competition with 5 wins in 8 races – did it again, RESPECT! Saladini finished 2nd, Fischbach 3rd and Joost Wichmann 4th. Pat Campbell-Jenner, a good friend of us which whom we also shared the room for the last couple of days, finished 10th! Really nice! This great outcome was the result of the good training with Flo at our backyard… or maybe my pancakes ;o)

Pat & Flo Flo get Pat´s Bike ready Pat and Flo

In the women’s race Jill Kintner crashed really bad in her first heat and was out, get well soon Jill! I kept my fingers crossed for Anita (Molcik) the whole time, she rode so good and won all heats till the finals. In the finals she hit the gate and Anneke (Beerten) was in front, but she still finished 2nd! Congratulations! It was a tough race for Anita, cause she was ill till Thursday and had only a few practice runs prior to the race. If she would have been 100%, who know what could have happened? But it still was a great success for her, congratulations too to Anneke, she also won the overall World Cup the 3rd time in a row!

Anita after 4x Qualification, Damien is happy with nr. 2

Normally I never watch XC races, but this time I had to watch because Lisi Osl, who I competed against during my XC time, had a shot at the 1st place overall in the XC World Cup! She was really nervous and her mechanician Gery too, but right after the start Lisi took the lead which she kept till finish! With this great accomplishment, she wrote history in Austria! Congratulations Lisi!

Lisi Osl Gery mechanic from Lisi Osl

The Afterparty was also a lot of fun, Flo took some pictures take a look!

DSC06022 DSC06159 DSC06155 DSC06152

DSC06142 DSC06133 DSC06126 DSC06119

DSC06112 DSC06110 DSC06108 DSC06103

DSC06082 DSC06080 DSC06079 DSC06075

DSC06061 DSC06051 DSC06045 DSC06048

DSC06037 DSC06027 DSC06024 DSC06073

DSC06157 DSC06098 DSC06042 DSC06026

On the last day the DH finals took place. In the women class Tracy Mosley won, the young french girl Floriane Pugin finished 2nd, Gros Celine 3rd and Sabrina Jonnier finished 4th – which was enough for her to take the overall win in the World Cup competition! On the 6th place was another Austrian women – Petra Bernhard! I was really happy for her to finish in the Top 10, she was only 3 seconds behind a podium place! Next time Petra! Anita had also a very good result, she finished 11th! Congratulations!

Petz and Flo Tracy Mosley won Anita Molcik

My Job during the World Cup was to do interviews for It was a lot of fun but it was not easy for me to talk to all the Superstars, cause I was really nervous. It was a new experience for me and I really enjoyed it. Thanks to the people that I interviewed for taking the time ;o)

Jared Graves pic by MANÜ CHERLIAS Fischi Interview pic by MANÜ CHERLIAS Interview steve peat pic by MTB Freeride

So that was my weekend in Schladming!  Awesome, great, exciting, funny, sunny,…



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