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I´m proud to announce that…

Maloja logo

…will be sponsoring me for the 2010 season! Maybe some of you never heard of Maloja before, but that will change very soon ;o) Maloja is a high quality apparel company, with an awesome both Sommer and Winter collection, who definitely fit the style of cyclists and generally people who are close to nature. Check out the Maloja Homepage!

We already met at the Eurobike a couple weeks ago, today I finally had the chance to visit them in their Headquarters -> which is set up in a former hayrick! It was nice to see how they operate and the people behind the scenes.

custom made signs Maloja Headquater right way ;o)

When I first stepped in I was so flashed, I expected a lot but this made me acutally speechless. There are so many details in the building, for example the cover of the kitchen is made out of old wooden planks, which looks really cool. There is also a big meeting table, which is made of pieces from the old floor of the hayrick and custom made steel table legs.

office with look to the front door comfy office office Wood Kitchen peter at the meeting table

On the first floor there is a storage for the clothes and a showroom for the summer collection, seperated by wooden slats. When you take a look out of the big windows, you can see a little Feng Shui Garden, a cow stable, the mountains and the forest… they are located in the middle of mother nature, probably that’s the reason why they have so good ideas ;o)

Gunther and Peter Maloja Showroom Feng Shui Garden chillin cows Julia the Designer

Personally I can say that I’m really happy to join their team and work with them in the next couple of years! From my humble opinion, this is definitely one of the few companys in the business who stayed on the ground, really awesome people! Thanks to Peter the Boss, Yve & Crew!

Yve & Peter Yve Schuster Peter Räuber Peter´s buddy Emilio

See you soon!



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