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Off season…

… long time ago since my last blog entry.

Now I´m back in Carinthia earn money for the upcoming season. But also meet my friends that I haven´t seen for a while. Feels good to be back home, enjoy the nature shortly before the winter. So colourful, beautiful in his own words… tryed to keep that moment in pictures. Can´t wait for the next summer 😮

Beside that my shoulder is getting better and better every week but still can´t ride Mountainbike. Have my Physio twice a week helps a lot, the movement is super! But need much more power that I only can do step by step… In 1 week there is the next X-ray check, when it´s all good I will have another operation, in the first week of december, to get the wires out…

training training training

training step by step

Hopefully that will be my last Hospital visit for a long long time! Start in the new year healthy, motivated and stronger that is my focus…can´t wait to ride my bike!!



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