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After all the crashes, the shoulder injury and a weeklong rehab (which is still an ongoing process), the year finally ends- on a high note.

A few days ago we drove to Munich (Starnberg) to the Headquater of SKINS, a clothing company which is specialized in sports compression clothing. There we met Denny Moll, who we already spoke to at the eurobike, and he showed us some nice new and upcoming SKINS products. He explained us all the  different SKINS products, they have a really big product-range for summer and winter sports.

For everyone who don´t know about SKINS, here is a little except from the companys homepage which tells you why their products are so special:

Skins™ BioAcceleration Technology™ has been developed over years of scientific research. Ongoing testing of elite athletes have proven that Skins™ BioAcceleration Technology™ creates marked improvements in reducing the build-up of lactic acid immediately after periods of sustained exercise (2hrs and 15 mins up to 37% ), and allows for more rapid return to normal levels (up to 38% at 20 minutes). You experience less fatigue, minimise soreness and recover faster.

Skins™ is body-moulded compression performance equipment manufactured from the finest Lycra and Meryl Microfibre, scientifically engineered to provide support and muscle alignment to the smart-fabric covered area of your body. Skins™ will definitely change the way that you train and play as well as speed your recovery. You will feel fresher after heavy bouts of exercise and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) will be minimised.

For more information just check out their homepage SKINS

At first I was of course a little sceptic about the benefits of the SKINS products, cause I never wore sports compression clothing before. Back at the eurobike I already got some samples which I was able to test during my rehab, and I was truly amazed about the difference to the „normal“ sportsclothing I used before! So far I can’t tell you much about all their products, but soon I will get the rest of the equipment. But what I heard from the other athletes so far was only positive feedback.

The contract is signed and I can’t wait to wear the SKINS products in race-action, thanks a lot Denny!


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