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Sorry for the lack of updates during the last couple of months, here is a short summary of what went on in that time:

The Winter wasn’t that good, sure we had snow but not as much as last year. I went skiing and hiking for a couple of times to get some endurance for the upcoming season. But i’m really glad that the winter is over, cause it can get really monotonous when you can’t go outside to do whatever you want.

As soon as the snow was gone we travelled around to visit some spots, like the Indoor biking facility in Augsburg. They have mainly dirtjumps but also some smaller jumps there. We also met some good friends and had a lot of fun that day.

After that we drove to Vienna and Creazzo to do some BMX training. It is really challenging to ride with a 4X bike on the BMX tracks, but it’s a real good practice experience too.

For those who don’t know: right behind our house we have the “Fairy Trail” (check out the video here Fairy Trail). It was a really good feeling to ride down that trail after a long winter.

I also received some new stuff from the sponsors, like the new special frame from Norco – sweet! The new bike is really great to handle, an awesome bike – thank you so much guys! I also received the women’s freerider, the “Vixa”, a few days ago. I didn’t had a chance to test it yet, but it surely looks hot! The “Empire SE” will be shipped soon, I also will get the “Fluid” this year.

From Sigi I get some new chainguides (the lightest on the market!), which are made out of carbon with blue screws, so they fit perfect on my bike. Thank you so much!

Syntace hooked us up with some new grips, stems, handlebars – that pieces are the best i ever had so far!

WTB, our saddle sponsor, also send us their new stuff. Great as always!

Maloja, my new clothing and lifestyle sponsor, send me some really pretty, colourful apparel. I love it! They got such a big product range and it all fit’s really good together. I’m really blessed with Maloja as my new sponsor, looking forward to a great partnership!

Beside all the training, riding and dealing with the sponsors, we spend one day in Innsbruck / Austria, to do a Photo shoot with Tom Bause. He is such a nice guy and great person. He had a really good idea to shoot in a special location – the catacombs. It’s an cellar in a really old castle. We shoot all day long and the results were amazing, I hope to do that again soon!

So that was a short summary of all what happened during the last months. I already raced the Worldcup in Houffalize, I will soon write a Story about that.


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