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International Meeting & Worldcup Maribor

2 weeks after the disappointing start to the season in Belgium, we went on to Maribor / SLO to the next World Cup race.

The time between those two race weekends, we had some good friends visiting us. Monday evening Sarsha, a super lovely women from down under, arrived at our house in Berchtesgaden to stay for a longer period of time. We also got an spontaneously visit from Fionn and Dougie (Norco World Team), who where also very curious about our home country. An exciting week was ahead of us 😉

Visiting Hangar 7, freeride behind our house, 4x training, XC tour, assembling bikes, bowling, Cooking Khan, examine the new track in Leogang , visiting the pumptrack in Salzburg… we had a lot of fun, even tough the weather wasn’t always that good, but we still had a great time. So, there were already 5 people living in our house, and Monday two of our friends arrived to stay over night. It was pretty crowded in there 😉 we had a great international “cast” under our roof: Australia, Scotland, England, Croatia and of course Germany & Austria. The week went bye really fast and it was truly great to have all of you guys visiting, thank you so much 🙂

(Photos also from Dougie, Fionn)

We packed our stuff and went of to Maribor / SLO. The weather report looked pretty bad, so we prepared for a mud festival. Thursday was the first practice day… they rebuild track looked pretty good, but we were skeptical because of the weather report, which predicted rain. As expected it rained, which made the track not only muddy but pretty sticky too – we had to push our bikes after just one run, because everything was so sticky…

The weather got a little better on Friday and the condition of the track improved a bit. But it was still tough to go down there, so my main goal was not to crash in the qualifying heat and reach the finals. I was a little bit nervous at the beginning and I had a little mistake prior to the first corner, but I still was able to qualify for the race on Saturday 🙂 Even tough I could have done much better, I was relieved that I finished the qualifying heat without a crash.

(Photos from Tom Hauke, MTB

The weather got much worse on Saturday, it rained all day. My goal was to have a good performance in the final heat and finish in the Top 8.

In the first heat I raced against Mio Suemasa, Steffie Teltscher and the defending World Champion Caroline Buchanan. I had a good start and knew that I just had to stay on the inside of the track, in order to defend my 2nd place. It was really tough to ride on the muddy track, it sure looked funny from a spectator view 🙂 I was able to finish 2nd and to qualify for the next heat! But the competition in the Semifinals was really tough: I had to line up against both the World Champion and World Cup Winner of 2009, plus the winner from the first World Cup race in Houffalize. My start was o.k. and I 3rd at the beginning of the heat. Unfortunately I finished last and had to continue at the small finals, to compete for the positions 5 to 8. Overall I finished 8th against a really tough competition, but I was pleased with my overall performance of the weekend. I was really excited for Fionn who won the event and for Sarsha, our roommate for the last couple of days, who finished 2nd!

(Photos also from Tom Hauke)

I also did some interviews for MTB, where I talked to some of the Top Bikers

Interview Cedric Gracia

Interview MS Evil Racing

Interview Scott11

Interview Claudio Caluori Scott11

It was a really funny and exciting weekend with a lot of mud & rain. But now we are at home to clean our equipment & laundry and prepare for the next adventure – the Dirtmasters Festival in Winterberg / Germany – see you there! 🙂


Thanks to all was a great time! 🙂


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