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Giants, Vixa, Project, work & race

Since I’m back home from my La Palma Trip the time is running so fast by…

Here is a update  of what happend the last few weeks.

Got my new Norco VIXA which I assembled together right away, my daddy shuttle me up so I could do some test runs – I love the new bike!

The new SKINS Stuff also arrived – put it on and went for XC Tour, the new collection feels really good!

Then I flew to Stuttgart to meet the Guys (Philip & Oli) from VG Mediastudio and did some stuff for the upcoming project : ) (Look HERE for a little preview)

Work is crazy too right now, Tirecraziness everywhere but it is still fun! I also watched an American Football Game in Graz cause my Brother plays for the Graz Giants, position offense line. There I met Tom Öhler, he did a performance during the half time – a great guy and awesome trail rider.


Friends were telling me that there is a DH Race in Avce / SLO, so I decided to pack my new stuff (the Vixa and the brand new MALOJA  gear that just arrived) and went straight there.

AVCE  is in Slovenia, it’s a 2h drive from my place but I would never have found it if I wouldn´t have followed my friends (Canfield Brothers Team). It is in the middle of nowhere, but in the near of it is a clear river where you can see to the bottom, a really beautiful place.

The first time I walked the track I liked it, but I also had a lot of respect. The track looked fast, a lot of jumps and also some drops where I knew I needed good suspension. But after the first few practice runs I really liked it, it was just so much fun!

It was a really nice day, good weather, nice funny people (like the Panda Shuttle) and I will never forget the „Ken Block“ Shuttle…

My qualification run was kind of a mess – made mistakes, crashed, lost my chain… so all up on the final run.

After the start I made some more mistakes but then I said to myself „Angie can you focus NOW“ and it worked. The run was good  (even I didn’t hit the one jump) and I was happy that I made it to the finish without a crash and sat on the Hotseat for a few minutes ; )

At the end of the day I finished 5th overall (from 11 ladies) and got a Gold Medal too cause I’m now the Carinthian Downhill Champion 2011. I’m really sad that not more carinthian ladies are riding, but I’m working on it to change this!

Big thanks to the Canfield Brothers team for providing me a place, Bine for support and photos, Herminator the best mechanic, the Photographer for the nice shots and of course it was amazing to see all my friends there again after a long break!

Ein Kommentar zu “Giants, Vixa, Project, work & race

  1. Edi
    26. April 2011

    hy angie

    hab gestern zum ersten mal auf deine seite geschaut, ist echt super…
    wenn ich da runter fahren würd, wo du fährst, würd ich mir in die hose ga..en. wünsch dir weiterhin viel erfolg. hast echt coole ideen..
    bis zum nächsten reifenwechsel..
    lg edi

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