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RACE – Last weekend of May I visited the Bike Festival in Riva del Garda, Italy. Every year at this event they hold a Night Sprint, it´s a flat 4x Race that resembles a BMX track. The builder Diddie Schneider did a great job on the course and made a great track that was a lot of fun, despite it’s flat nature.

The Qualification round went okay, I was a bit out of breath during that round but I managed to qualify with the 3rd best time for the ladies : ) All was good and I was ready for the race.

It was on the same day, we started at 21:00. First heat went great and I qualified for the finals. I was standing in the Gate and I felt like I was in a movie. Crazy but I knew what I had to do in this Moment! First out of the Gate, first to finish!

Yeeehaa I’m pretty happy about the win and still have a big smile on my face : )


Watch here the Video from the Race -> 4x Nightsprint Riva/Bikefestival

The next day in the morning I had to leave back home. It was a short stay but defently worth it, it’s always great to meet all the familiar people and friends after a long winter and to ride my bike : )

FACE – last year I met Boris Krauß from Rider´s Illustrated. I already knew his work, his comic heads are everywhere ; ) like from Guido Tschugg, Tibor Simai,… very famous here. So he wanted to have a women´s head in his collection and after weeks of work we finally got a perfect and funny (comic) look-a-like of mine. I´m very happy and excited that Boris choose me for that! Big thanks to him! Check out his work on RIDERS ILLUSTRATED

SWISS – On the Road again, off to Solothurn to the Bikedays. It’s the first time for me there, the City was really nice – it´s the oldest Barock City in Swiss and it has such a special charm. The Bikedays grew since the last years and now they are the biggest Bikefestival in Swiss with 22.000 Visitors over the weekend.

Indiansummer, the Swiss Norco distributor had the Idea to do a little „Workshop“ for the Ladies. So we made one on Saturday and one on Sunday. On Saturday we had a little problem with the Shuttle up to the Weissenstein, so we had to wait for quite some time. We used the time to ride on the pumptrack, which was just a few meters away. Pumped it for a few rounds and then finally got up the hill. The Track up there is not that long but really cool, a flowy trail with roots, berms, drops, doubles, step sections and also a little northshore tree. Just perfect to learn the technical basics to feel more comfortable on the bike.


(more Photos on or on their Facebook page )

I had a lot of fun with the ladies and I hope they had too : ) Everyone got a MALOJA Headband and also a Norco shirt from Indiansummer right after the Session.

Thanks Ladies for joining the Workshop, more to come soon! Also thanks very very much to Indiansummer, who took care of me and let me feel like I’m at home : )

Cya soon!

2 Kommentare zu “RACE, FACE & SWISS

  1. thomas
    7. Juni 2011

    warum fährst du eigentl. dieses jahr nicht im weltcup 4x mit?

    • angiehohenwarter
      23. Juni 2011

      Servus! Bin nur den in Leogang mitgefahrn… hab viele andere Pläne und events die ich dieses Jahr machen werde. Aber ganz auf´s Rennen fahrn werde ich nicht verzichten ; )

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