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Weeks of Action, Action, Action!

Can´t believe that it’s already the end of June! Right after I came back from the last race in Italy I did some preparations for my new car.

Here it is my new Sweetie, the VW Amarok! I love this car, it’s just great and has a little bit of a “Canadian Style”.

The local car dealer Drive Patterer organized the car for me, the decals on the car did Malerei Wieser, the special plugs for my bikes on the wooden floor in the back where made by Metallbau Ball.

The car is just great and perfect for my travels through Europe. So right after I got the Amarok I went to BERLIN for the Maloja Summer Cataloge Shooting 2012. Never have been to Berlin before, so I was really excited about that. It´s a crazy city with a lot of grafittis on every house, as you can see. I really enjoyed the time in Berlin with the Maloja Family even when it was busy all the time, we always had time for fun and laughed a lot! Happy to be a part of it.

After the shooting in Berlin I drove 5,5h hours to the next event, the Dirtmaster Festival in Winterberg.

This Year Karsten from Norco Germany located lower on the hill, next to the Schwalbe „House“. The Weather in Winterberg was again just perfect and nice, lots of people came to the Event, I think it’s getting bigger and better every year. The 4x track not really changed from last year but it was still very fast and not that difficult. In the qualification heat I had a good run and qualified first. Opposing to last year we started on Sunday and with sunshine : ) I felt good in the first heat but I can´t explain what exactly happened in the first corner,  just remember that I crashed and then stood up to grab my bike and kept on riding… after this crashed I managed to finished 3rd in the final. But that’s just 4x, were everything can happen. The tough part is, that I injured my wrist when I crashed, it’s still not fully recovered.

On Monday I drove home and was really happy that Mislav drove the most way, thx for that! I spent two days at home and then went off to the first Worldcup of the Season, Leogang 4x!

The weather forecast was rain, rain and rain. But it was not that bad for the track, Gudio Tschugg made some changes compared to last year. I felt good on the track but maybe still rode with a little „brake“ in my head, cause I didn´t want to crash again. The week right after the Worldcup was the Ladies Session and that was also really important to me.

So on the qualification day I made only few runs cause it rained the whole time, finished 9th place from 19 women. Pretty happy with that cause everything is possible on the final day, even with a really tough matchup. Labounkova (winner of the Worldcup in Leogang) and Buhl (2nd place in Leogang) were in my heat so I checked every possible line… but it wasn´t possible to pass them till the finish. But I was still happy, loved to ride in the Mud fest and haven´t been much on the 4x bike this year. So overall it was a good weekend.

A reporter, Richard Wimmer, followed me and 2 other Austrian guys through the weekend, there will be a story in the next BIKE Magazine : ) here is a link from the other footage of him over the weekend:

Worldcup Weekend Leogang by Richard Wimmer/

It was great to meet friends, family and to enjoy the whole racing atmosphere after a long time! Thanks for that great weekend!

It was time to head off to the Spielberghaus in Saalbach! There I met the Norco DIRT Team and we had to take a shoot together (thanks to Victor Lucas).

Spielberghaus, I love this place! Quiet, funny – nice People, riding the bike… always happy to be there!

to be continued….

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