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From cranberry juice to bears and back to 108 kids…

Photochallenge in Åre / Crankworx in Whistler / Youth Camp in Leogang

Åre – Sweden / Whistler – Canada / Leogang – Austria

As I got a phone call by Rob J and he asked me if I would like to join him for a Photo challenge in Åre / Sweden, I just thought “YES”! It was always a dream of mine to visit Sweden, and now I even have a good purpose doing it.

Mattias Fredriksson, one of the world’s best photographers, organized the “Scandinavian Photo challenge” in his hometown and invited other photographers like Markus Greber. Team Germany consisted of Karen Eller, Rob J, Flo Berghammer and myself. We had three days to take pictures and put together a slideshow, which got evaluated by a jury at the end of the week.

Åre is a nice little village with lovely people, cranberry juice, good food, lots of good bike trails and also some little bloodthirsty beasts, the “Knots” (mosquitoes). Sweden is a country where at this time of the year the sun seemingly shines nonstop, except for maybe two hours a day, where it gets a little darker. Despite my short stay in Åre, I had a great time with Markus, Rob, Karen and Flo, I definitely will be back for a longer visit. Here is the slideshow from our trip to Sweden:

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay for the final, cause I had to go to the Freeride Festival. I did not compete in the race, but I had the honor to be one of the judges for the “Dakine Airstrike”. After that I went home for a short time and then I took off to Canada.

It is always a pleasure to meet the guys from Norco, they are great! As soon as I arrived in Canada I went to the presentation of the new 2012 Norco Bikes in North Vancouver. The next couple of days I was busy with testing the new bikes at the Canadian Bike trails. Later we went to the Norco Media Launch in Whistler, where also at that time the Crankworx Festival took place. It was really busy but we had time to ride the Bike trails and meet the hairy locals… it seemed that it was too cold for them in the mountains, so you could see them everywhere, in the City, the Bike park, just everywhere… and with locals I mean the many many Bears!

This year I met a lot of familiar faces in Whistler. Even tough it was really crowded at the Crankworx Festival, I met a lot of people from Europe at the trails or in the City. Unfortunately the two weeks in Canada where over way too soon…

A couple days after I got back home, I went to the Canyon Oakley Youth Camp in Leogang / Austria. I already been there last year, so I was really excited that Rob J invited me back for this year. 108 Kids took part in the Youth Camp, some of them for the 3rd or even 4th time. The weather was very nice so we been able to ride the bike every day. In between the action, the technique training, the games etc. we had visits from some special guests like Timo Pritzel or Guido Tschugg, who showed the kids some tricks and spent some time with them.

See you soon, bye 

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