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FULDA Challenge 2012

The annual Fulda Challenge will take place between the 12th and 19th of Januar in Yukon/Canada. With temperatures down to 40° below zero, participants from all over the world will team up and compete in an „arctic decathlon”. Contests like motorsled racing, cross country skiing or an offroad rally with a KIA Sportage SUV will be on the program.

But before I could start to Canada, I had to qualify in a national competition at the Postalm/Salzburg, where the Austrian and Swiss participants would be selected.

I arrived on Friday, where I had to walk to the hut. But we wouldn’t sleep inside, we had to set up a tent. Yes, we spent the night outside, but before that we sat down in the hut and got to know each other: 5 men and women from Austria plus 5 men from Switzerland participated in the qualification. Only the best men and women from each country will be granted a spot in the final in Yukon/Canada.

The following day was the first day of the competition, a tough one, which we didn’t knew yet. Sleep deprived, it was quite chilly in the tent, we crawled out of it to start the day with a good breakfast. Nobody told us so far, how it will went down today. At 08:00 we started with a nice little… 15km long run. Uphill! After about 1h 45min I arrived at the finish, but there wasn’t much time to recover, we had to ride downhill for about 15min to the next challenge: cross over a about 40m wide canyon on a rope.

After a short lunch break we had to do a little game of skill, during with the coaches started to grin… we all been standing in front of the hut as one of the coaches pointed to the mountain in front of us and said: “you guys see the cross on the summit with the flag? We see you there, go!” And everybody started running, crawling and climbing through the forest. When we arrived we had to went back where the next challenges waited for us: log cutting, “brain games”, log throwing, Car slalom, Car pulling, Zorbball, driving with a quad and my favourite discipline: changing the tires on a car 🙂 At the end of the day we completed 14 challenges!

On Sunday we started really early again. First we had to ride the bike for about 30min till we reached a fixed rope route at the Postalm. Next Challenge is to finish this trail as fast as possible. Afterwards, next was Uphill with Mountainbike all muscles were already sore, but we made it to the meeting point and last Challenge on the program: archery, which I really liked, cause I had some training 🙂

Then, after 17 challenges, the winner was finally announced. Everybody was really curious, at first they announced the participants for the Swiss team, then for Team Austria. When they called my name I was speechless! Me and my teammate Martin Zach will be representing Austria in the Fulda Challenge 2012 in Yukon/Canada!

We already met last weekend to prepare for the versatile and difficult challenges which we probably will face in Canada. Peter Widhalm and Lisa Fail, who both been to the Fulda Challenge last year, also been there and helped us out in every way they could. We prepared with car slalom, skijoring, cross country skiing, climbing, snowshoe hiking, sled pulling etc.

For more Information go on their Website FULDA CHALLENGE 2012

for my Profile klick HERE

Finally, I want to say thanks to all the participants, the organizers and coaches of the Fulda Challenge for the great time during the qualification and the training camp, you are the best!


Photos by Krewenka, Lisa Fail, Angelo Brack, Martin Zach

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