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Fulda Challenge 2012 Yukon/CANADA

words from HANS JOST

Angie successful in Yukon

The „Gailtaler“ Bike-Pro Angie Hohenwarter participated in the 2012 Fulda Challenge, which took place for the 12th time in Yukon, the Canadian “Cold Spot”. Together with her mixed-partner Martin Zach she finished 4th, which is a great accomplishment given the extreme weather conditions. Seven international Teams competed and “survived” in this frosty decathlon near the polar circle.

High-speed Action on Skidoos at the begin of the competition
For orientation: the Canadian Yukon territory is located right next to Alaska and is about 5 times the size of Austria, but with a population of only 35.000 citizens. 30.000 of them live in Whitehorse, Yukon’s capital, where the first 4 competitions took place: Skidoo Race, Sled dragging, 20 km cross country skiing and a tire aim & shoot out of a helicopter. After a 700 km drive on dead straight roads we finally arrived at the former boom town Dawson, where the challenge continued with a 10 km run, a skill competition on ice, a 7 km snowshoe run and a pit saw contest. All those events took place at a chilly 40° below zero. After that the athletes drove back to Whitehorse, where they had to cross over a canyon – crawling on a rope.

Angie and her Team partner had to go to the limits of their physical and mental capacities, with their successful participation at this contest. “The worst was definitely the constant battle against the freezing cold, but altogether it was a great once in a lifetime experience for me and Martin. We worked great together as a team.” Is the résumé of the 26 year old athlete from Forst / Reisach.

Some more facts: Adding to the 10 competitions and 1500km of “polar” car journey, Angie had to travel about 22.000 km in 65 hours. A stress, which she would take on at any given time again, but the rules don’t allow her to participate for a second time.

Text: Hans Jost
Translation: Tom H.

Link to the Event

small Video from PS- das Automagazin on n-tv

after all can´t wait for the summer : )


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